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Miyako (guitar) · Midori (guitar) · Asami (vocals) ·Haruna (drums) · Fami (bass guitar)
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Lovebites is a Japanese all-female heavy metal band, formed in 2016 by former Destrose members Miho and Haruna. Its lineup consists of Miho on bass, Haruna on drums, Midori and Miyako on guitar, and Asami on vocals. During one rehearsal, the musicians performed „Love Bites (So Do I)“ by Halestorm. Feeling that the song fit well with Asami’s voice, it left an impression on all of the members and they chose Lovebites as the name for their new band. They had their first concert on November 18, 2016 at Tsutaya O-West.

After signing to Victor Entertainment, the group released both their self-titled debut EP and their first album in 2017 before performing their first overseas concerts at the end of the year. With another EP and album released in 2018, Lovebites quickly garnered international attention and won that year’s Metal Hammer Golden Gods Award for Best New Band.

They performed at Wacken Open Air on August 4, becoming the first Japanese all-female rock band to appear at the German festival. They also performed on the main stage at Bloodstock Open Air on August 10, 2018. In November, Lovebites held their first European tour that saw them visit the Netherlands, Germany, France and the UK. The band released their second album Clockwork Immortality on December 5 in Japan. Limited editions of the album include a DVD or Blu-ray of the concert video Battle in the East, which was recorded on June 28, 2018 at Tsutaya O-East.

Lovebites was the opening act for Arch Enemy at two shows in Shanghai and Beijing, China on March 23 and 24, 2019. In June, they performed at the Download Festival in both Donington, UK and Madrid, Spain and at the Graspop Metal Meeting in Dessel, Belgium. Their set at Donington was cited by its organizers and Metal Hammer as one of the festival’s highlight performances, including when Asami joined Halestorm on stage to sing her band’s namesake song, which she had also done earlier at Download Festival Japan on March 21.On July 10.

Lovebites wrote the song “Winds of Transylvania” to be used as the opening theme of the anime series Vlad Love and were named an official ambassador for the series. The band release their third EP Glory, Glory, to the World, which they recorded during the pandemic, on March 10,2021. LOVEBITES unleash the new live Blu-ray/DVD/2CD “HEAVY METAL NEVER DIES – LIVE IN TOKYO 2021” on September 29. It was recorded at Tokyo Dome City Hall on March 26 and features the entire show with 18 songs incl. 7 songs never played live.

Miho left Lovebites – An important announcement from LOVEBITES’ management
Thank you everyone for always extending your kind support and encouragement to LOVEBITES. We are writing to announce that as of this day of August 17, 2021, Miho will be leaving LOVEBITES. As a result, for the time being, the band will be taking a hiatus from all activities as LOVEBITES.

After the departure of bassist Miho in August 2021, LOVEBITES went on hiatus for a while. In order to find a new bassist, the band held auditions in April 2022, open to all nationalities, ages and genders from around the world. After a year-long hiatus, Lovebites recruited Fami on bass and released Judgement Day, their fourth album, in February 2023. It is their highest-charting record to date, reaching number 5 on both the Oricon and Billboard Japan charts.

Knockin' at Heaven's Gate

Lovebites – Knockin’ at Heaven’s Gate – Live in Tokyo

Opening (The Five Coffins) · The Awakening · The Hammer Of Wrath · Bravehearted · Don’t Bite The Dust · Stand And Deliver (Shoot ’em Down) · Shadowmaker · Break The Wall · Dancing With The Devil · Oiano Solo (Ballade No.1 In G Minor Op.23) · Liar · Judgement Day · Nameless Warrior · M.D.O. · When Destinies Align · Holy War · Glory To The World

Victor Records released the new live Blu-ray, DVD and double-CD featuring night one of their two comeback shows ‘We Are The Resurrection’ with new bassist Fami from 11th March 2023 Tokyo EX Theater Roppongi (Sold out). That was the first time the band has appeared in front of audience since April 2021. Issued 23th August 2023.

LOVEBITES – Judgement Day

Judgement Day · 22th February 2023

We Are The Resurrection · Judgement Day · The Spirit Lives On · Wicked Witch · Stand And Deliver (Shoot ’em Down) · Victim Of Time · My Orion · Lost In The Garden · Dissonance · Soldier Stands Solitarily

LOVEBITES will release a new 10 Track Album on 22th February 2023. Limited Editions will be available. BluRay / DVD with Documentary of Bassist Auditions and Studio Sessions (The Hammer Of Wrath – Golden Destination – Shadowmaker – Bravehearted) – Also a extra Edition with instrumental versions of the 10 songs available.

Lovebites In the beginning

In The Beginning – The Best of 2017-2021 · 22th Dec 2021

Nameless Warrior · Glory To The World · Winds Of Transylvania · Golden Destination · Thunder Vengeance · Holy War · Raise Some Hell · When Destinies Align · Swan Song · Rising · M.D.O. · We The United · Empty Daydream · The Crusade · Break The Wall · Under The Red Sky · The Hammer Of Wrath · Shadowmaker · Scream For Me · Don’t Bite The Dust · Edge Of The World · Bravehearted

Best of Album with remastered Tracks and extra BLU-RAY/DVD with all Lovebites official Music Videos. The deluxe edition includes 2 aditional CD with Instrumental versions of all Tracks. The special limited “built-to-order” ultimate edition contains extra Bonus CD with “Painkiller” Judas Priest Cover Version.

Lovebites Heavy metal never dies

Heavy Metal never dies · 29th Sep 2021

Ride For Vengeance (Intro) · When Destinies Align · The Crusade · Golden Destination · Set The World On Fire · Shadowmaker · Today Is The Day · Winds Of Transylvania · Spellbound · The Unbroken · A Frozen Serenade · Swan Song · Glory To The World · The Apocalypse · M.D.O. · Don’t Bite The Dust · Holy War · Thunder Vengeance · Under The Red Sky · BONUS Ride For Vengeance (Opening Video)

CD / DVD / BluRay · Recorded live at Tokyo Dome City Hall 26th Mar 2021

Lovebites glory vinyl

Glory, Glory, To the World · 10th Mar 2021

Glory To The World · No Time To Hesitate · Paranoia · Dystopia Symphony

Limited edition CD+DVD · Glory To The World (Video) · Winds Of Transylvania (Video) · Winds Of Transylvania (Vladlove Video)
Limited edition 2CD · Winds Of Transylvania · Winds Of Transylvania (Instrumental)

lovebites awake again

Awake again Live from Abyss · 25th Dect 2020

The Awakening – The Hammer Of Wrath – Warning Shot – Shadowmaker – Scream For Me – Liar – Burden Of Time – The Apocalypse – Inspire – Don’t Bite The Dust – Edge Of The World – Bravehearted – Eagle fly free (Halloween Cover)

Very limited DVD | BluRay built to order Edition. This show was recorded live in the studio in Tokyo 25-10-2020 and the band performed their 1st album AWAKENING FROM ABYSS in its entirety to celebrate its 3rd anniversary. Also include the cover of German metal legends HELLOWEEN Eagle Fly Free as Bonus.

Lovebites five of a kind live

Five Of A Kind – Live In Tokyo 2020 · 22th Jul 2020

Thunder Vengeance · Holy War · Don’t Bite The Dust · Rising · Raise some Hell · Break The Wall · Shadowmaker · Piano Solo · Swan Song · Addicted · Dancing With The Devil · Signs Of Deliverance · M.D.O. · Golden Destination · When Destinies Align · The Awakening · The Hammer Of Wrath · Edge Of The World · We The United

Recorded live Zepp DiverCity Tokyo 21th Feb 2020 and released as 2CD / DVD / BluRay

Lovebites goldendestionation

Golden Destination · 19th Feb 2020

Golden Destination · Spellbound · Puppet On Strings · Thunder Vengeance (Orchestral Version)

CD Mini Album. Also available as Vinyl Edition. The 12″ vinyl with special gatefold packaging is limited to 250 copies

Lovebites Electric Pentagram

Electric Pentagram · 29th Jan 2020

Thunder Vengeance · Holy War · Golden Destination · Raise Some Hell · Today Is The Day · When Destinies Align · A Frozen Serenade · Dancing With The Devil · Signs Of Deliverance · Set The World On Fire · The Unbroken · Swan Song

Electric Pentagram Limited Edition with Bonus DVD Crusaders standing at Wacken recorded live at Wacken Germany August 4, 2018
The Awakening (Intro) · The Hammer of Wrath · The Crusade · Don’t Bite the Dust · Above the Black Sea · Shadowmaker

Electric Pentagram Limited Edition with 2 Bonus CD Invitation to the Theater recorded live July 12, 2019 EX Theater Roppongi Tokyo, Japan
The Awakening · The Apocalypse · Don`t Bite The Dust · Rising · Break The Wall · Mastermind 01 · Inspire · The Hammer Of Wrath · Keyboard Solo · The Final Collision · Empty Daydream · Signs Of Deliverance · M.D.O. · Liar · Love Bites (Halestorm Cover) · Shadowmaker · Bravehearted · We The United · Under The Red Sky

Lovebites daughters of the dawn

Daughters of the Dawn – Live in Tokyo · 10th Jul 2019

Addicted – Bravehearted – The Crusade – Pledge Of The Saviour – Rising – Scream For Me – Break The Wall – Shadowmaker – Above The Black Sea – Empty Daydream – M.D.O. – Journey To The Otherside – Edge Of The World – We The United – Epilogue – Don`t Bite The Dust – Under The Red Sky

Released as 2CD | DVD | Bluray. Recorded live at Akasaka Blitz Tokyo 27th Jan 2019

Lovebites Clockwork Immortality

Clockwork Immortality · 5th Dec 2018

Addicted – Pledge Of The Saviour – Rising – Empty Daydream – Mastermind01 – M.D.O. – Journey To The Otherside – The Final Collision – We The United – Epilogue

Limited Edition with Bonus DVD recorded live at Tsutaya O-East Dogenzaka Chome Shibuya Tokyo June 28, 2018
The Awakening – The Crusade – Warning Shot – Break The Wall – Scream For Me – Shadowmaker – Above The Black Sea – Inspire – The Apocalypse – The Hammer Of Wrath – Liar – Burden Of Time – Don’t Bite The Dust – Under The Red Sky – Edge Of The World – Bravehearted

Lovebites Battle Against Damnation

Battle Against Damnation · 6th Jun 2018

The Crusade · Break the Wall · Above the Black Sea · Under the Red Sky

The EP was supported by a tour with a single concert on June 28 at Tsutaya O-East, which was filmed and released as a concert video later in the year with the limited edition of Clockwork Immortality

Lovebites Awakening from Abyss

Awakening from Abyss · 25th Oct 2017

The Awakening – The Hammer Of Wrath – Warning Shot – Shadow maker – Scream For Me (Awakened Version) – Liar – Burden Of Time – The Apocalypse (Awakened Version) – Inspire – Don’t Bite The Dust (Awakened Version) – Edge Of The World – Bravehearted (English Language Awakened Version)

Also available as Limited DVD Edition
Don’t Bite The Dust (Studio Version Music Video) · 2. Shadowmaker (Studio Version Music Video)

Lovebites EP

The Lovebites EP · 24th May 2017

Don’t Bite the Dust · The Apocalypse · Scream for Me · Bravehearted (Japanese Language)

The final track “Bravehearted” is the band’s only song with lyrics in Japanese. Written by drummer Haruna, it is a new arrangement of an unreleased song by her and Miho’s previous band Destrose. English Version of ‘Bravehearted’ is available on ‘Awakening from Abyss’ Album. Limited Vinyl Edition released. released as Limited Edition CD (3000).