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This is my Women in Rock Japan Fanpage. Here you will find Media Infos (Audio and Video) from many Japanese Female Rock Groups.

While many of these groups are poppy idol groups put together by a management team (there are said to be over 3,000 such groups in Japan with over 10,000 individual idols), the female rock japan groups listed here are actual bands who have mastered guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards instead of memorizing choreographed dance moves. What’s more, these female rock japan groups write their own music instead of relying on a nameless “backing band” and an army of pro songwriters.

In the decade of 2010, there has been a noticeable female rock japan band boom where Japanese female musicians have stepped onto the international stage to rock as hard as the boys do. This fascinating phenomenon of music from so many talented women deserves a moment in the spotlight. As there are many amazing female artists to talk about, featured below are the ones that achieved a significant level of notoriety in the competitive, male dominated rock scene. Also, while it would be overly extensive to include the many successful female fronted bands, this list is solely on the groups where each member contributes to the process of making music by writing, singing, or playing their own instruments.

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Link to Aldious Page


Latest Aldious Studio Album with new Songs : We Are · 29th Nov 2017
Lastest Release : Aldious Tour 2020-2021 Unlash Live Liquidroom · 14th Jan 2022
Upcoming Concerts : Aldious will perform one-man shows in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. The year 2023 will be the 15th anniversary of Aldious under the title ‘Aldious 15th Anniversary Live 2023 Winter’ with guest vocalist Maki Oyama.

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Link to Band-Maid Page


Band-Maid is a Japanese rock band formed in July 2013. Singer/guitarist Miku Kobato, formerly an employee of a Japanese maid café, envisioned forming a band that juxtaposed the maid image with rock music. Kobato recruited lead guitarist Kanami Tōno after an Internet search. Tōno had performed as a singer-songwriter and suggested her occasional backing drummer Akane Hirose for the new band. Hirose in turn suggested bassist Misa, with whom she had attended music school. The band decided to recruit an additional lead singer and selected Saiki Atsumi during auditions.

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Link to Bridear Page


Formed in Fukuoka Japan in 2012, Bridear is one of Japan’s premier heavy metal bands and is setting their sights on the global stage. Bridear’s music is difficult to describe with a single metal sub-genre.  As is common with similar Japanese bands, they describe themselves as “girls metal”, referring to their gender makeup rather than their musical stylings. Early on they were described by reviewers as “Heavy Metal” and “Power Metal”.

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Link to Destrose Page


Mina formed Destrose in March 2007, including “rose” in the name to make it more feminine and in reference to Guns N’ Roses. The band’s only studio album, the self-titled Destrose, was released on April 10, 2013 and supported by a fourteen-date nationwide tour that finished with their first one-man concert on June 1 at Meguro Live Station. In March 2014, Destrose performed in the US again at Naka-Kon. In May, Destrose announced that they would be going on indefinite hiatus in July. They played their final concert, titled Persistence of Rose, at Meguro The Live Station in Tokyo on July 18, 2015.

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Link to Lovebites Page


Lovebites is a Japanese all-female heavy metal band, formed in 2016 by former Destrose members Miho and Haruna. Its lineup consists of Miho on bass, Haruna on drums, Midori and Miyako on guitar, and Asami on vocals. They performed at Wacken Open Air on August 4, becoming the first Japanese all-female rock band to appear at the German festival. In August 2021 Miho left Lovebites. After a long process, Fami was selected as LOVEBITES’ new bassist. Fami is a 20-year-old bass player from Japan who has experience of performing live and working with many artists since her teenage years.

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Link to Mary's Blood Page

Mary’s Blood

After the breakup of Destrose on New Year’s Eve 2008, vocalist Eye, guitarist Eri, bassist Niboshi (formerly known as “Kayo”) and drummer Mari later regrouped and recruited guitarist Chiba to form Mary’s Blood in December 2009. Named after the “Bloody Mary” cocktail, they released their debut single “Save the Queen” on December 20. In 2012, Chiba, Niboshi and Eri all left Mary’s Blood in quick succession. Another Destrose alumni, Saki, was then recruited as guitarist, and the lineup of Eye, Mari, Saki and bassist Rio was finalized in September. Mary’s Blood performed their first international show in Houston, Texas at Anime Matsuri 2013.

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Link to Nemophila Page


Nemophila started out as a session band in August, 2019 with mayu on vocals, SAKI on guitars, Hazuki on guitars, Haraguchi-san on bass and Tamu Murata on drums. The band officially made their debut live in September, 2019 at the METAL WEEKEND 2019 held at Zepp Diver City, Tokyo where the band opened up for big names such as LOUDNESS and HAMMERFALL. NEMOPHILA started their YouTube channel on February 8, 2020. On December 26, 2020, NEMOPHILA streamed the NEMOPHILA STREAM SHOW in which over 10,000 people viewed the show.

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