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Formed in Fukuoka Japan in 2012, BRIDEAR is one of Japan’s premier hard rock/heavy metal bands and is setting their sights on the global stage. With diverse influences from German metal legends Helloween to British prog-pop pioneers Muse, the all-female quintet combines elements of power metal, progressive rock, and the melodic hooks of J-pop to create a sound unlike any of their rivals from the Land of the Rising Sun. After releasing their first single in 2012, BRIDEAR has been unrelenting. Performing across Japan, the band developed a dedicated following which continued to grow with their first EP Overturn the Doom, and the follow up hit single and popular music video “Light in the Dark.” International audiences soon discovered the video online creating a massive buzz and passionate global hard rock/metal audience.

Following the 2016 release of their first full-length album BARYTE, the group continued to perform across their home country gaining a reputation for excellent musicianship and engaging live performances. In 2017, BRIDEAR performed in Europe for the first time and appeared at major conventions such as Mondocon in Budapest, Hungry and Made in Asia in Brussels, Belgium supporting their EP HELIX. Having performed in 11 countries, BRIDEAR has worked to build their fan base in the West while becoming a major label act in Japan. Celebrating their 2019 album Expose Your Emotions, BRIDEAR again ventured overseas performing in London at METAL MATSURI, the first all J-metal festival outside of Japan. The stunning set won more international fans and gained press attention in their home country for the memorable performance.

​In 2021, BRIDEAR joined UK-based label SETSUZOKU RECORDS. The album Bloody Bride became BRIDEAR’s first official international release and received incredible reviews from international music media, and drew the attention of such publications as Metal Hammer and Guitar Player magazine. In September 2021, The epic 8-minute prog masterpeice ‘Brave New World Revisited’ was then released as a digital single, encapsulating the band’s incredible versatility and technical wizardry. ​In the autumn of 2021, BRIDEAR became the first artist from Japan to tour internationally since the disruptions of COVID-19. Visiting England, Scotland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and France, the tour was a triumphant return to the international stage displaying the band’s bravery and will to overcome the odds and reclaim live music in a ‘Brave New World’.

May 2022 will see the international release of the brand-new album Aegis of Athena—a blistering 11-track opus perfectly blending traditional heavy metal, progressive arrangements, and addictive J-rock hooks. With ambitions at an all-time high, BRIDEAR is set to further their international reach in 2022 and beyond.

News from 11th July 2022: We announce that MISAKI, who had announced her leave of absence, has decided to leave BRIDEAR. Due to her health condition, she has been unable to continue her band activities and has expressed her desire to leave the band. We have been trying to find a way for her to continue her activities as BRIDEAR, but out of respect for MISAKI’s health and her future life, We have decided that MISAKI will be leaving BRIDEAR as of today.

Aegis of London Live

Aegis of London Live · 17th February 2023

Side of a Bullet · Daybreak · The Moment · Ray of Chaos · Brave New World Revisited · Helix (Interlude) · Dimensions · Ignite · Light in the Dark · Determination · Ghoul · Bloody Bride · Again

Recorded live in London at the Boston Music Room, September 10, 2022 on the ‘Decide to Survive’ tour.
Pre-orders receive an exclusive photoset (5x) of official images from the London show! – Out 17th February 2023

Aegis of Athena

Aegis of Athena · 20th April 2022

Side of a Bullet · Preference · Greed · With Me · Determination · Ray of Chaos · The Bathtub · Lodestar · Past in Emerald · Brave new world revisited · Road · Starlight

bridear ray of chaos

Ray of Chaos (Digital Single) · 9th April 2022

Ray of Chaos
Digital Single available as Download

bridear expose int

Expose Your Emotions (Int. Edition) · 7th May 2021

Ghoul · Mirror · Dance Macabre · Awakers · Thawing · Misery Machine · You · Sick · Crybaby · Again

Bonus live Tokyo 26th Jul 2020 · Ghoul – The Moment – Misery Machine

bridear bloodybride Int

Bloody Bride (Int. Edition) · 7th May 2021

Deep Blue (Instrumental) · Daybreak · Bloody Bride · Dimensions · Keshin · Ashes · The Moment (Kengan Ashura) · Fake World · Glitter · Boy · Dream Eater · A Glorious World · Starlight

The international edition includes the exclusive track ‘The Moment’ from the anime series Kengan Ashura

bridear bloodybride

Bloody Bride · 14th Apr 2021

Deep Blue (Instrumental) · Daybreak · Bloody Bride · Dimensions · Keshin · Ashes · Fake World · Glitter · Boy · Dream Eater · A Glorious World · Starlight

bridear expose

Expose Your Emotions · 4th Dec 2019

Ghoul · Mirror · Dance Macabre · Awakers · Thawing · Misery Machine · You · Sick · Crybaby · Again

bridear dvd marcasite

Marcasite · Live Tour 2018 · 8th Aug 2018

Another Name · Skew Lines · Game · Reason Of My Life · In The Labyrinth · Dear Bride · Thread Of The Light · Scream · Voice Is To Silence · My Heart Sigh · Cluster Amaryllis · Pray · Rebirth · Light In The Dark · Ignite · Wing of Hope

Video DVD Recorded live at Shibuya Rex Tokyo 22th April 2018

bridear helix

Helix · 11th Apr 2018

Helix · Reason for My Life · In the Labyrinth · Game · Dear Bride · Cluster Amarylis · Nexus

7 Track Album

bridear rise

Rise · 15th Mar 2017

Ignite · Raider · Remedy · Get Over

Mini 4 Track Album · Limited Bonus DVD Edition · Ignite (Music Video) · Light In The Dark (Live) · Marginal Lie (Live) · Set Me Free (Live) · Voice Is To Silence (Live) · All Live Videos recorded at Shangri-La 31th Jul 2016

bridear bartye limited

Baryte (Limited Edition) · 23th Mar 2016

Marginal Lie · Scream · Rebirth · No Salvation · Box Garden · My Heart Sigh · Set Me Free · Traces of Tears · Skew Lines · End of Sorrow · Light in the Dark

1st Full Album by Bridear · Limited Bonus DVD Edition · Rebirth Music Video · Imitation (Live) · No Salvation (Live) · Another Name (Live) · Off Shot Backstage Video · Live Videos recorded at Queblick 29th Nov 2015 · Oneman Tour Domination · All Live Videos shortened to 2 Minutes

bridear bartye

Baryte · 23th Mar 2016

Marginal Lie · Scream · Rebirth · No Salvation · Box Garden · My Heart Sigh · Set Me Free · Traces of Tears · Skew Lines · End of Sorrow · Light in the Dark

1st Full Album by Bridear

bridear dvd dear bride

Dear Bride | Video DVD · 22th Apr 2015

New Era (Intro) · Voice Is to Silence · Scream · Imitation · Light in the Dark · Roulette · Thread of the Light · Another Name · Wing of Hope · Pray

Live DVD recorded at the Livehouse CB 6th Dec 2014

bridear light in the dark

Light In The Dark | No Salvation · 22th Oct 2014

Light In The Dark (Single Version) · No Salvation (Single Version)

Available as Limited Bonus DVD Edition · Light In The Dark (Music Video) · Making of Video and Off Shot Video

bridear overturn the doom

Overturn The Doom · 18th Dec 2013

New Era (Instrumental) · Pray · Thread of the Light · Imitation · Another Name (Album Version)· Voice Is to Silence · Wing of Hope

CD Mini Album

bridear Thread Of The Light

Thread Of The Light | Roulette · 17th Mar 2013

Thread of the Light · Roulette

Pray | Another Name · 2nd Oct 2012

Pray (2012 Demo Version) · Another Name (2012 Demo Version)

CD Single · No Label