DESTROSE – 1st June 2013 at Meguro THE LIVE STATION Tokyo

On 1 (Sat) June 2013, girls metal band DESTROSE performed at Meguro THE LIVE STATION for the final live of their tour to celebrate the release of their first full album “DESTROSE”, The tour spanned 14 shows in 12 locations across the country. They returned to Tokyo to perform the final live as their first one-man show.


Marina (Vocals) · Mina (Guitar) · Narumi (Guitar) · Miho (Bass) · Haruna (Drums)


Sword of Avenger · Skykiller · Destination · Lifer 13 · Fenixx · Heart’s Grave · Romancer · Fade out · Nostphilia · Die Young · Rose of Destruction
Encore : FAIRY (SHOW-YA Cover) · Headless Goddess


The opening song was ‘Sword of Avenger’. The second song was ‘Skyskiller’. The melodious twin-leads of the first song were pleasant, while the interaction between the two guitars on this song was very thrilling. Even on a long stage, there was no mercy from the start. The first two songs ended as if they were running through, and the hall was filled with excitement. At this point, Marina once again said: ‘Good evening, I’m DESTROSE! Are you having fun, Meguro? She provoked the audience with “Good evening! When the audience cheered loudly, Marina smiled a little and said, “Thank you very much. Today is our first one-man live performance, which we have longed for. We want to make this the best stage so that everyone here can enjoy it. Everyone, pump your fists in the air and follow us to the end! The song that began with these words was ‘Destination’, the first song of the new DESTROSE. The fourth song was the up-tempo ‘Lifer 13’. The audience pumped their fists in the air to the lively rhythm.

After the performance Marina began to talk about the song ‘Destination’. This song was the first song she wrote after joining the band. She said that she wrote it as she wanted to get closer to the fans as much as possible when joining a band that was already active. She then said, “There is another song that is essential to the new DESTROSE, do you guys know what it is? I’d like to play that song now to bring everyone even closer together. With that, they launched into the song ‘Fenixx’. At the end of the song, the band members were introduced and ‘Heart’s Grave’, ‘Romancer’ and ‘fadeout’ were performed in rapid succession.

When the first half was over, Marina said “We have plenty of time today, so I’d like to talk to all the members” and the talk corner started. Narumi, who celebrated her first anniversary on this day, was surprised by a bouquet of flowers from the audience and talked about her recent appearance on ‘NAON no YAON’; miho talked about the episode at the hotel where she stayed during the tour; Haruna talked about her appearance on ‘Kanjani no Nishikake∞’; and Captain Mina talked about the time she appeared on ‘Kanjani no Nishikake∞’. Captain Mina told an episode about buying local Pokémon on tour, which drew laughter from the fans.

Marina then returned to a serious expression and said: ‘I think the national tour was a tour supported by all of you. There were a lot of firsts for us, but I’m proud that the eventers and the staff at the live houses who invited us said ‘DESTROSE’s audience is so warm’. I can’t thank you enough for this tour. Thanks to all of you, we were able to get through 12 places across the country. Thank you so much!” The audience cheered and applauded loudly. The members started to give away their personal belongings.

Haruna gave handmade accessories shaped like sushi and coloured paper, miho gave coloured paper with portraits of the members and bandanas used in the jacket photos, Narumi gave her favourite hat and coloured paper, and Captain Mina gave a wireless cable that had reached the end of its life to the winning fan. Marina also presented a microphone stand that she had been using since she joined DESTROSE, in addition to the coloured paper. Of course, there were also presents from all the band members, including a snare drum head that Haruna used to use, signed by the band members.

From here, it’s the second half of the season. Can we go any further? Marina started with the single ‘Nostphilia’, which was released in November last year. They continued with ‘Die Young’ and ‘Roses of Destruction’, and the hour and a half of the main show came to an end in the blink of an eye. As soon as the members disappeared, there were calls for an encore. Marina thanked them again and announced the next song. DESTROSE salutes you with SHOW-YA’s FAIRY!” The song was a cover of a song by SHOW-YA, one of the most famous girls’ metal bands of all time. The original song had a guitar solo and a keyboard solo, but DESTROSE arranged it with two guitars and performed their own version of FAIRY.

The band left the stage silently. When the members appeared on stage for the third time, the audience cheered loudly as if they were trying their last. Marina encouraged the audience with a call and response. Marina then asked the audience if there were any songs they hadn’t played yet. and played ‘Headless Goddess’ as the last song. The one hour and 50 minute performance ended with everyone there sweating.