Last ever Destrose Concert

Persistence of Rose · Meguro Live Station Tokyo 18th July 18 2015

The band had announced in advance that they were going to cease their activities, so it is likely that fans gathered to make sure they did not miss out. The band members appeared on stage to the soundtrack, and the first song was ‘Prologue’. A singalong contest suddenly started and the audience sang as far as the eye could see. The twin-lead guitar solo reaffirms DESTROSE’s greatest asset. They went straight into ‘Rewrite the Curse’, which starts with a twin-lead guitar riff. The audience sings the intro melody with IBUKI as best they can. It seemed as if something had been blown out of the water for Destorose and the audience tonight.

Destrose Members

Narumi (Guitar) · Miho (Bass) · RISA☆RISA (Drums) · IBUKI (Support Vocals) · MIKI (Support Guitar)

Concert Setlist

Prologue · Rewrite the Curse · Winds of Fall · Destination · Fenixx · Skykiller · Hearts Grave · Lifer 13 · Brave hearted · Romancer · Beautiful Dreamer · Fade Out · Far away · Eutopia · Headless Goddess · ENCORE : Rose of Destruction

Miho’s MC has become a regular feature of the show. miho has definitely peeled off as an artist since she became the leader of DESTROSE. Compared to when she first joined DESTROSE, where she seemed quiet, I’m going to pull her through!” I have always felt this spirit from her performances in recent years. Tonight I feel it more than ever. Next up was ‘Winds of Fall’. RISA☆RISA, the last of the current members to join the band, exploded on the two-bass drums! It was as if DESTROSE’s pride as drummers was radiating from the tips of their sticks. The harmony between IBUKI and miho was also very good.

Narumi, who looks at the audience and plays with a slightly provocative expression, has also grown remarkably. Both her guitar technique and stage presence are a cut above the rest in the girls’ metal scene. The audience’s fists shook more forcefully as they continued into ‘Fenixx’! “Hi! Hi!” MIKI, who has blended in well with DESTROSE’s colour scheme, has plenty of on-set experience and handles his support role perfectly. She is a completely different person from the first time she joined the band, with a different level of stability. Miho MC’d for the second time here, and DESTROSE continued to develop as usual without getting sentimental.

After introducing the members, they sang ‘Skykiller’, with miho’s harmony part sung loudly by the audience with her thick voice. The song continued with ‘Hearts Grave’. IBUKI’s voice echoed through the venue over the harmonies of the twin lead guitars. It is clear that IBUKI has transcended the boundaries of being a support vocalist and has captured the hearts of the fans. Miho’s grooving bass line can be clearly heard in the following song ‘Lifer 13’. The ending singalong is also perfect. Then came miho’s third MC, and although DESTROSE’s numbers are all of the type that exhaust their stamina, the girls didn’t even run out of breath, which is truly amazing. They didn’t talk enough to take a break and soon went on to ‘Brave hearted’. This is my personal favourite number, with miho’s harmonies teasing the vocal melody and the fine twin lead guitars!

Then comes ‘Romancer’. The twin lead guitar harmonies and the impressive chorus are a delicious DESTROSE masterpiece. Midway through the song, a loud handclap from the audience is heard and the sweaty audience raises their arms in the air! As I cover the show from the back of the stage, all I can see are T-shirts that have become even darker in colour from sweat. On the backs of all the audience members, it seems as if it says: “We’re going to have fun to the fullest today!” on the backs of all the audience members. RISA☆RISA beat the song tight to “Beautiful Dreamer” with its lyrical development of stillness and movement! So cool! From there, the mid-tempo ‘Fade Out’ followed. Among DESTROSE’s lyrics, ‘Fade Out’ has very cute lyrics and is popular among female fans.

On to the fourth miho MC. She spoke a little longer and let the other members take the microphone to deliver her voice to the audience. The way she is attentive to the audience shows her leadership. The song moves on to the modern and melodious ‘Yuuen’. Narumi and MIKI played beautiful melodic harmonies on top of the stable rhythm section. Eutopia” followed without a pause. The strength of the arms of the audience, who had already been excited for nearly an hour and a half, did not wane at all! They conveyed their love for the band with a power that seemed to penetrate the ceiling! The members of the band also look somewhat pleased to see this. The band members look somewhat satisfied with their performance! Their real spirit makes the air in the venue hot to the limit!