The event finally came to an end, and DESTROSE, which is becoming one of the symbols among the WOMEN’S POWER bands, played the last part of the day, with members Marina (Vocal), Captain Mina (Guitar), Narumi (Guitar), miho (Bass), Haruna (Drums). The excitement of the audience, which was as strong as that of G∀LMET, who appeared first, was proof that WOMEN’S POWER as a whole had been waiting for their appearance. The girls appeared bravely on stage to the sound of the entrance SE and started their performance with great vigour. The audience’s hearts were racing at the sound of Marina’s voice echoing through the venue.

Marina’s appeal was absolute, and the stability of the instrumentalists, led by Captain Mina, was outstanding. Furthermore, on this day, each member of the band seemed to be concentrating on their performance, showing a great deal of growth at a time when the current members are approaching their one-year anniversary. The audience’s reaction was great, and the stage was shaken like a wave in a stormy sea, which would satisfy even the most seasoned metal fans.


Destination – Lifer – Hearts Grave – Fenixx – Sword of Avenger


Marina (Vocal), Captain Mina (Guitar), Narumi (Guitar), miho (Bass), Haruna (Drums)